In 1984 May Bradley along with her four daughters opened a fashion design studio and work room, launching their first individually designed collection, Penguin Designs

Dealing with some of the top Independent ladies wear retailers of the time, May had the oppurtunity to hand the brand over to a leading fashion agent and a major London Department store, but following the advise of her independent cliental, May made the decision to continue with her brand and keep it exclusive to a small number of shops in each area so as to create a unique fashion brand not to be seen everywhere on the high street.

Although Penguin Designs has undergone expansion and many changes over the last 30 years, May and her girls have kept to their original spirit of design by using the best quality fabrics and up to date styles, ensuring each and every garment that leaves the Fashion House is wearable and a pleasure to be seen and worn.

May Bradley employs a team of designers who not only help to choose the best quality fabrics and trims, but also do every aspect of designing and hand finishing on our individually created garments.

Penguin Designs creates outfits to suit all women from a size 6 to a size 40 who wish to look smart, elegant and beautiful.

All Penguin Designs garments are proudly made in Great Britain.

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