Renata was founded at the beginning of 2006 by the GN Design Group (which includes the Cabotine and Zeila labels), a family company founded in the 1970’s by Francisco Nicolás and Dolores Arce, that throughout the years has acquired an international dimension. With the support of GN Design Group, Renata, the fresh, young line of the group, has managed to locate itself in an outstanding position in the sector of celebration fashion, with the aim of satisfying the requests of the most demanding public.
From the hand of Miriam Llorens, the most creative ideas are born to dress a modern, romantic and magical woman. Born in Sant feliu de Guixols, Miriam Llorens has had ties to the world of fashion since her early youth. After completing studies in image consulting and fashion design in Barcelona she moved to Murcia where she joined the design team at GN Design Group. As of 2006 she took control of the reins of the brand ‘Renata’.
The Renata collections are always up to date and fresh, a fashion work of art, unique and unrepeatable original created designs to emphasise the feminine form. Ceremonies, celebrations and parties are occasions to dazzle; occasions for Renata.

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